Monday, September 1, 2014

Presentation Day 1

Hello everybody!

Today, we begin the presentation of all the members of our Design Team.

Sal (Owner)

SLSlines is the work of Sal Scheibe, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who loves to draw and create fun illustrations. Sal works as the Art Director of ArtTrader Magazine. Prior to freelance illustrating, she worked as a Creative Designer for a music firm working with TV and advertising clients. 
Sal spends her nights drawing geeky things like RPG characters, zombies, fairies, awkward people, pretty girls and odd animals. She offers a broad range of fun digital stamps in many themes from geeky to cute and whimsical to realistic. Her digital stamps start life as sketchy little doodles which are then cleaned up digitally in Photoshop and made presentable and perfect for you.

Sal's favorite tools are Wacom pen and tablet as well as Copic markers, lots of fineliners and many types of erasers (which are used often). Her favorite artists include John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, JC Leyendecker, Joe Sorren and Phil Hale. And Steve Epting too.

If you'd like a custom digital stamp made or have some suggestions, feel free to write to Sal with themes you'd like to see in the Etsy store.

Valou (DT-Coordinator)

My name is Valérie, more known under the pen name valou250809. I lived in Belgium just next to the big city of Chaleroi and in 40 kilometers from Brussels. 

I have 5 children from 5 to 14 years old. I scrappe since 2006 and my style is the “Shabby Chic Style” but I know also how to create in a vintage style or C&S. I create a great deal of cards and of projects home decoration.

Welcome to the SLSLines Design Team Challenge Blog and thank you very much Sal for your trust.


In tomorrow for the presentation of our next DT member!

See you soon!

Sal & Valou


  1. Thank you for all your assistance, patience and direction Valou! xox

  2. Sal - you are a gem, artiste glorious, magnifico and so precious to deal with! xox