Saturday, September 6, 2014

5th member, Presentation!!

Hello followers!

This morning, it is the day of you to present our next DT member! 

We are proud to present you Samara!

about me in 2014.
Samara. Bohemian. Hippie. Funky Mommy. Pet Lover. Crier. Bloggee. Communal Sew Person. Super Silly. Obnoxiously Insightful Psychobabbler. Smiler. Daughter. Fun. Metaphysical Minister. Color freak. Granny-To-Be. Chaplain. Introvert. Cheap. Optimist. Best Friend. OCD Organizer and Housekeeper. Dramatic. Quirky. Boyish. Trusting. Power Tools Fascinated. Country Girl. Artist. Loyal. Boot Camp Weights Lifter. Thankful. Protective. Leo.

Thank you very much Samara!!

See you tomorrow for the next Designer!

Sal & Valou

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