Friday, April 24, 2015

Fairy Stamp with Butterfly Wings from Holley

Here's an awesome fairy from Sls Lines.  She's called Fairy stamp with butterfly wings.  I just had to show this beauty from SLS lines as I often tend to pick her funny/quirky images as that is what I love.  This artist also does the most beautiful images as well.  I did her in some non-traditional olive style mixed with pink.  She's just gorgeous.

Check out all her beautiful images, as well as those fun and quirky images that you know I love!!

Also, I just found out that she's going to be doing some custom drawn stamps!  WOW, how cool is that!?!  have you ever wanted a stamp of yourself?  of your DH? your kiddo? your pet?  check out this sample she has here

Cheers, Holley

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